If you like the Mornington Peninsula, you'll Love the Pen

A distinctive mix of stories covering life on the Mornington Peninsula in art, culture, business, design, events, wine, food, farmgate, history & community.

Love the Pen is a distinctive mix of photo-journalism covering life on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Writers and photographers are dispatched daily to deliver stories on people, emerging ideas, popular culture and inspiring moments that evolve in this beautiful part of the world. We cover subjects in art, business, culture, design, events, food, farming, history & community.

What we deliver

LTP informs and inspires readers with a mix of feature stories and posts specifically from the Mornington Peninsula. LTP is an influential resource, as well as being a dynamic and engaging multi-channel brand delivering quality and bespoke content on print, tablet, mobile and desktop applications, and an includes an ever expanding social media presence with a loving community of readers.

Our objectives

LTP was created to support and promote local Mornington Peninsula businesses that strive to be more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable – we are in fact a social enterprise. Above this we endeavour to help a select number of non-for-profit organisations or individuals that do all possible to enhance the life of others on the Mornington Peninsula. Our objectives includes,
  • To enhance community involvement by bringing together locals and visitors with experiences specific to the Mornington Peninsula
  • To invest in the cultural enhancement of the region by promoting the unique local flavour of the Peninsula to locals and visitors
  • To invest in the economic development of the Mornington Peninsula by promoting locally owned and operated businesses, non-for-profits, social enterprises and events
We are keen to promote and expose businesses that are environmentally and socially responsible aligning with the ethos and goals of buying and selling locally to reduce impact on the environment.

Join us & grow your business

Like to join us? Currently LTP website receives just over over 14,000 unique visitors per month (anywhere between 500 – 700 visits per day), 7200 facebook followers & 3200 Instagramers. In addition to site visitors, over 4,400 readers subscribe to LTP email updates to be inspired. We are confident that we can grow your business through our targeted and tailored content marketing initiatives.
Did you also know that we distribute over 70,000 community cards every four months from 8 locations?